Welcome to eSpine.com and Dr. Robert Pashman’s Practice

Dr. Robert Pashman, a board certified, fellowship trained orthopedic spine surgeon, has over 25 years of experience in treating Scoliosis and other spinal deformities such as Kyphosis and Spondylolisthesis. He has one of the largest spinal deformity practice on the west coast. He has performed more than 4000 spinal deformity surgeries. Dr. Pashman’s wealth of experience and expertise has allowed him to treat highly complex cases. He has practiced at Cedars Sinai Medical Center for the last 20 years.

Dr. Pashman participated in clinical trials for the cervical artificial disc, and he has performed over 2000 cervical spine surgeries. (Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion, Posterior Cervical Fusions, and Total Disc Replacements.)

Spinal conditions such as Scoliosis require surgery. Surgery for herniated discs, on the other hand, is a last resort after the patient has exhausted conservative measures of treatment. Dr. Pashman is happy to assist the patient in making an informed surgical decision.