Pre-surgery FAQ

Please keep in mind Dr. Pashman is a surgeon and occasionally, for reasons beyond our control, surgery dates and times may change and we thank you for your understanding.

On the day of your surgery you should report to:

Cedars Sinai Medical Center
8700 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048,
Admitting Office Street Level, South Tower

2 hours prior to your scheduled surgery time, unless otherwise advised by surgery center personnel.
You need a pre-operative medical clearance no more than 14 days prior to the surgery date. To avoid any delays the day of your surgery, this will be scheduled with an internist who has privileges at Cedars Sinai Medical Center if you do not have one. The same doctor will follow you medically during hospitalization, including visiting the evening of the surgery and every day following, until discharged.


If you develop a fever, cold symptoms, coughing, chills, aches or any other illness prior to your surgery date, notify the doctor who is doing to pre-operative exam,  and the office of Dr. Pashman at (310) 423-9983 promptly.



  • DO NOT eat or drink anything after midnight the day before your surgery. This includes water chewing gum, breath mints, etc. There are exceptions that may be made by your internist or surgeon.
  • DO NOT, swallow any of the water/mouth wash, you may brush your teeth and rinse your mouth.
  • DO NOT take any jewelry or valuables to the hospital.
  • DO NOT wear make-up the day of surgery, or wear dark colored nail polish on hands or feet.  (clear and acrylic nails are fine) This may interfere with the Anesthesia monitoring equipment.
  • NO smoking prior to and status post surgery, at least 6 months, for ALL FUSION surgeries.


If you take medication on a daily basis, please check with your prescribing/family doctor for proper discontinuation or instructions prior to surgical procedure. If you are instructed to take medications the date of surgery, you may do so with a small sip of water.

No aspirin or medication containing aspirin should be taken for two weeks prior to your surgery date. Such as: anti-inflammatory, Vitamin A, St. Johns Wort, MSM, glucosamine, Sam-E, ginger, and garlic tablets, or non-steroidal analgesics i.e.: Advil, Nuprin, Naprosyn, Chinese herbs or plant extracts (especially: Ginko-Biloba, Mahuang, Kava-Kava Root, or ginseng, etc.).



Please make arrangements for ALL FILMS to be at Dr. Pashman’s office prior to your surgery date. If you are unable to do so, it is patient responsibility to hand carry films the date of surgery. NO FILMS=NO SURGERY! Films will be returned to you at post-operative visit.


Pre-Operative Surgery Spine Class

Cedars Sinai Medical Center offers a spine class for you and your family. You have the opportunity to talk with nurses in the care of post-operative spine patients. Classes are held on Wednesdays from 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, South Tower. Please call (310) 423-9997 or (310) 423-9987 for further information.


Blood Donation

If you would like to donate your own blood for surgery please contact Cedars Sinai Blood Donor Facility at (310) 423-5347. Please note, Type & Screen Blood Test is available through the hospital, this is used to aid in matching blood from the blood bank for you.



Your surgeon’s office will obtain surgical pre-certification as required by most health insurance.  Please note that insurance benefits vary in the ability to cover surgeon’s fees, co-surgeon, surgery procedures, hospitalization, anesthesiology and other special equipment and needs you may have. It is your responsibility to inquire with your health insurance regarding coverage, out of pocket expense such as deductibles.

For financial questions regarding Dr. Pashman’s services, please contact:
Medical Billing Advocates at (310) 601-4977

Other billing:
Cedars Sinai Medical Center Billing Department can be reached at: 323-866-8600
Anesthesia Billing can be reached at: (213) 637-3700
Radiology billing: 800-303-3044
Consultants for Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Billing Office (Also known as Pathology Consultants Medical Group): (866) 222-4160
Cedars-Sinai Laboratory Services: (310) 777-6936
Physician Billing Services Cedars-Sinai Medical Center: (800) 851-0211



If your procedure requires a specialty surgeon, e.g. vascular surgeon a pre-operative appointment will be required with the doctor.  Any questions or concerns should be addressed to the individual doctor’s office providing the services.